Makary Monastery is located near Kazan on the left steep bank of Sviyaga river. It was founded by a schema monk Isaiah as a cenobitic monasticism . In 1764 the monastery belonged to the Sviazhsky Uspensky Monastery . Since 1798 the Monastery became independent. In 1816 it was rebuilt under the boarding house. The Monastery was burnt in 1800 and 1829.

Three altars were arranged in the church: one of them in honor of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the second cold floor, and others in honor of the icon of Our Lady “Joy” (“Consolation”) and in the name of venerable Makary on the first warm floor.

In 1866 a new church was consecrated. Stony and warm it joined three altars. The main altar was sanctified in honor of the icon of Our Lady “The Joy of all grieving”, on the right side – in the name of saint Afanasy the Great, the archbishop of Alexandria, and on the left – in honor of all saints.

Towards the end of the 20th century the Makary Monastery was returned to the Church under the jurisdiction of the Kazan Eparchy.

Since 2004 OJSC " Tatnefteprovodstroy " carries out a full restoration of the Makary Monastery. During this time the bell tower was restored: four bells of total weight of more than 1 ton were casted in the city of Voronezh; two temples of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ and in honor of the icon of Our Lady “Joy” (“Consolation”) were renovated ; new two-storey brethren’s cells with bakery and Bishops chamber were constructed.

Currently, OJSC " Tatnefteprovodstroy " performs improvement of the territory of the Makary Monastery.